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     Baycan Elektrik A.Ş. foundations were laid by Mr. Erdoğan Kılıç in 1967. The firm started to work as a certified supplier to Arçelik in a workshop of 20 people in Istanbul. Later in 1987, it moved to its’ 7,500 square meter facility in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, where it continues to operate today. Erdoğan Kılıç, with his 50 years of working life experience, has always prioritized our most valuable asset; our workforce, and enabled the company to develop an efficient working culture and to be recognized as a preferred partner today.

     Wire harness and cable assembly comes at the forefront of the services we provide to our customers; alongside design assistance from our experienced research and development team, prototyping, assembly of electrical, electronic, and plastic parts and testing processes. We continue to keep the principles of 100% customer satisfaction, quality and reliability established by our founder from the first day. Since its’ establishment, Baycan Elektrik A.Ş., has continued production mainly for the White Goods industry. Since 1991, under the leadership of our current Chairman of the Board, Hakan Kılıç it has expanded into new markets. In 2022, we obtained the AS 9100 certificate and established Baycan Elektrik as a certified supplier of the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

     Today, Baycan Elektrik A.Ş. with nearly 1000 employees, produces for 10+ domestic and foreign brands. With its’ timely and complete production philosophy, over fifty years of experience and success in the cable assembly industry, Baycan Elektrik A.Ş. will continue to prove itself in terms of efficiency, quality and competition in accordance with the world’s best standards.



     Baycan’s management structure consists of Senior Managers who are experts in their fields, the General Manager who monitors their operations, the Members of the Board of Directors to which he is affiliated, and the Chairman. Our leader team consists of senior managers from nine different departments: Purchasing and Planning, Quality and Assurance, Human Resources, Production, Information and Technology, Finance, Legal and Facility Maintenance.

     Baycan’s Leadership Team has developed a culture respected in the industry with its highly dynamic and experienced business ethics.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To meet and exceed the Client’s expectations in full and on time.

Our Mission: To ensure the efficient sustainability of all activities of the company by giving priority to solutions that increase productivity and developed in the direction of continuous improvement with a ‘kaizen’ oriented working policy.

Integrated Management Systems

    To meet customer expectations on time by prioritising continuous improvement development efficiency and costly factors. To develop not only our product quality, within the scope of ethical values, and keep our employee and service quality at the highest level by practicing; ZERO OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENTS, ZERO MISTAKES and adopting an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY APPROACH. To act with awareness when it comes to employee satisfaction and use this as a driving force for customer satisfaction.

     Our primary responsibilities and ethical values of all our employees in order to continue to move our organisation to the future with professionalism, honesty and trust are;

  • To accept and apply universally accepted practices, laws, regulations and legislations as ethical values.
  • To fulfill our duties within the framework of basic moral and human values.
  • To be fair, well-intentioned and understanding in order to provide mutual benefit in our subordinate superior and all other relationships.
  • Not to gain unfair advantage from individuals, institutions and organisations for any purpose, not to take or give bribes.
  • Not to act, make a statement or correspondence that will make our organisation committed unless it explicitly authorised.
  • Not to behave in any way that would disturb other employees and/or cause material or moral damage.
  • To take care of the tangible and intangible assets of our organisation, including information and information systems, and to protect them against possible loss, damage, misuse, abuse, theft and sabotage.
  • Not to directly or indirectly use the resources of the organisation for personal interests and/or political activities.


General Manager




     Since its establishment, Baycan has been working as a company that is sensitive to the environment. It has adopted the principles of green energy and clean environment in all its activities. Our biggest project in this context is the Solar Power Plant (SPP) investment, which we established last year with our own resources to reduce our carbon footprint. By using 40% of the installed capacity of our two businesses, we have implemented the 700 MWh capacity SPP Project as of the new year, and this is how we provide all the electricity needs of our current business (670 MWh usage).

     We are among the top 10 companies that take part in solar energy investment of this scale among 804 companies located in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone. According to our system reports, we have produced the equivalent of 1623 tree planting, 30 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 12 tons of coal usage since our project started. The installation and use of solar energy, which is a renewable energy source that does not pollute the environment and does not create harmful waste.

     Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate shows that we implement green production processes in our business. Baycan has been certified as Out of Scope by the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In the next five years we are planning a SPP investment that will meet the energy needs of the two factories (1,800,000 KWh), depending on the 100% commissioning of our second facility. Afterwards, it is considered that our excess capacity will be uploaded to the system and sold. At the same time, we have completed the necessary trainings for the ISO 50001 Energy Management System and are in the process of scheduling the certificate. Finally, we foresee that our company will continue its work without the need for external resources and by fully optimizing its carbon gas emissions.

Social Responsibility Projects

Corporate Imprint

Corporate Imprint

Company StructureInc.
Mersis Number0152000298700015
Trade Registry OfficeEskişehir Trade Registry
Trade Registry Number9612
Trade NameBaycan Elektrik Müteahhitlik Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
Inc. Registration Date01.01.1988
Tax AdministrationEskişehir Tax Office
Tax Number1520002987
SectorManufacturing of Electrical Home Appliances and Parts
TR NACE Code275107
Phone+90 222 236 02 74
Fax+90 222 236 04 61
Address75. Yıl Mahallesi, Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 7. Cadde No: 7 Odunpazarı, Eskişehir 26110