Careers / Our Most Valuable Assets

     Baycan Elektrik holds and supports the assertion that its’ workforce is one of its ‘Key – Sustainable Competitive Advantages’ over its competitors. Therefore, considerable investment is devoted to educating, training, catering, and caring for nearly 1000 employees every year.

     Induction training and on-going training programs are conducted throughout the year. Our onboarding trainings are provided to our new staff as a 2-day curriculum and each member receives 165 hours of development training per year. Many have been members whose key supervisors of the workforce for 10, 15 even 20 years. The loyalty of Baycan Elektrik employees is motivated by the philosophy of Love Your Workforce, envisioned by our Founder Erdoğan Kılıç and sustained by our Chairman of the Board, Hakan Kılıç. This philosophy is also part of the commitment of our Leadership Team.