Technology & Innovation / Crimping


     Crimping comes at the forefront of our cable assembly production. This process is carried out in compliance with IPC standards, based on the data sheets of the component manufacturers. We offer sustainable quality to our customers with our state-of-the-art machinery in our facilities that meet all requirements for Class I, II and III in IPC standards.

      Our employees have been trained by a IPC CIT (Certified IPC Trainer) and work as CIS (Certified IPC Specialists) in all processes of production. At Baycan Elektrik A.Ş. our quality management system ensures the efficient sustainability of the processes and production of products.


     Our employees who have received the CIS certificate within the scope of our special on-the-job training program come together to produce our products with the best quality.

     In accordance with the technical parameters found in the manufacturer’s data sheets we use original molds, crimping hand tools, positioners, gauges and similar equipment for crimping.

     All of our employees complete the CIS training program with our experienced employees in the master trainer class and our trainer who has a CIT certificate in IPC Global WHMA-620B and IPC-J-STD-001E standards.

     Following the crimping process, the product quality is measured by performing tests and analyses determined by the manufacturers and practitioners. The tensile-rupture test and section analyses required for crimping are also sampled at intervals determined by the KYS (Quality Management System), and all data are followed up with Statistical Process Control.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Technology

     With the integration into the ERP system, we provide the critical material control of our crimping processes with artificial intelligence. Since the system we have developed serves as the Production Execution System (MES), all production orders are filled in electronically by creating data. We ensure that the product is assembled with the right components and that the crimping technical conditions are maintained.

     Our entire infrastructure regarding crimping involves taking action electronically according to error probabilities, through the KAKS (Talking Intelligent Code System) structure and stock code system we have developed ensuring the reliability and quality of our products.

Fully Automatic Settings

     Our system continues to evolve with the integration of the KAKS structure and ERP-MES. This infrastructure developed with WorksFx (TM) allows us to go beyond SMED studies in crimping and make automatic machine settings.

     While we control all the materials of the product with our infrastructure, we create in-depth traceability records. The production parameters suitable for the MPS and the crimping mold are automatically loaded to the machines. In this way, we manage to keep the technical setup time spent in product transformations at a minimum.

     The electronic communication between machines and internet technologies of objects, helps develop revisions of automatic loading with the support of artificial intelligence according to the quality results from the data sheet query.