Careers / Human Resources

     We regard our human resources department as the heart of our success. Our experienced team support all processes and strategies of the company. The department is responsible for many processes which directly assist production including;



We work in partnership with established Recruitment Companies, advertisement agencies and career portals during our recruitment process. After evaluating suitable applications based on the company’s developed skill inventory, we conduct interviews and select employees who we believe will not only be compatible with the working culture of Baycan Elektrik but also contribute to it.



Each new member of staff takes part in a two-day training programme which includes both a company culture induction and technical curriculums based on their positions. Our orientation programme ensured that new employees acquire all necessary information to adapt to their job.


Employee Satisfaction

We utilise surveys and other forms of measurement regularly to determine our employees’ satisfaction company policies. By considering factors that disrupt motivation and identifying areas of improvement we create the appropriate action plans. In return this increase our productivity, employee’s loyalty to the firm and support the reduction of personnel circulation.


Compensation Management

It is applied through factors such as performance indicators, seniority rates, and educational status.


Performance Management

At Baycan Elektrik, the success of our employees means the success of our company. For this reason, the performance of each employee is evaluated periodically on the basis of their department or team.


Training and Development Management

Ensuring the continuity of knowledge in the name of differentiation and renewal is a compulsory need at Baycan Elektrik. It is imperative for the efficiency of the training that needs are determined correctly and that the trainings received are applicable and compatible with the needs of the company.


Career Management

Career development is a high priority for Baycan Elektrik due to the incredible dedication of its workforce. Individual career paths are offered to those who show the potential for greater responsibility and this approach addresses the need for human capital to support value chain activities. The Company supports the development of individual specialists, as well as the rotation of certain personnel to receive broader training on the Company’s needs. Measurement and evaluation are important components of the process.