Technology & Innovation / Process Design

High Quality, Competitiveness and Just-In-Time Delivery…

   At Baycan Elektrik A.Ş. our production lines are unique to our company. We work with many technologies such as software, automation and artificial intelligence. We integrate various production lines that are designed specifically for the product according to the order quantities into the ERP system we use. This infrastructure ensures product safety, testing and calibration and stores configuration data.

   In addition, we aim to be the preferred partner in cable assembly with our innovative approach to production in our recently developed Defense and Aerospace Facility.

   In the Aerospace and Defense industry, production involves drilling holes into a mounting apparatus that is transparent plexiglass, which is laid on a 1:1 scale technical drawing horizontally. This practice can often pose a problem in terms of the readability of the technical drawing. At Baycan Elektrik A.Ş., in order to protect the form of the products we produce, we use suction cups for mounting guides and tools. This technique allows us to take advantage of the 1:1 scale without damaging the technical drawing and it’s accuracy.

   With these value-added studies developed by our engineering team, we increase our competitiveness in the sector and continue to meet the expectations of our customers with high quality products just in time.

Full Response to Customer Requests

   We fully respond to our customers requests with our 55 years of experience in the cable assembly industry and the systems developed by our strong engineering team.

   All of the products that we produce are verified and checked through the testing infrastructure of the panel production line systems we have designed before they are delivered to the customer.

   We are committed to keeping all production stages and traceability records of the products we produce for 30 years in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. Test marking of our products, product testing and all configuration data are saved and stored in the system. In this way, we provide our customers with the fastest traceability report when necessary.

Enhanced Production Technologies

   We follow our panel production line systems with our WorksFx software and PLC technologies. All errors detected in the process steps, each stage of which is automatically recorded and classified electronically by the expert quality team.

   HataBank (TM) reports, which are evaluated with the resulting errors data, allow continuous improvement of our customers’ products and processes. As we pass this data through different analyses with data mining methods, we are simultaneously developing our WorksFx software.

Scaled Production Lines

   Customer product diagrams developed with the Tyco HarnWare program and our 44’’ wide endless printing capacity enable us to produce products on a one-to-one scale without errors. All production data is added to the production template drawn on HarnWare with our product-specific “Definitive Work Plan” form that we developed within the scope of AS9100. Since the production template and DWP form are structurally linked to each other, we can follow all production processes as configuration data on this form.

   DWP forms are downloaded to the field together with the necessary materials, employees, equipment and when necessary, PPE for the flow of production. The DWP form is also followed by MPS (Master Production Schedule) in the ERP system. All material consumable information is assigned to the product ID with a unique serial number, ensuring it’s traceability.

   In accordance with IPC standards, our experienced engineering team and working environment ensure the sustainability of production.