Technology & Innovation / Reseach & Development

     All of our production systems, which we have developed with the vision of Industry 4.0, continue to produce data that cannot be processed with human power.

     Our soft and hard systems, which are constantly developed by the software team, become information generating terminals. Our factory, which accelerated the improvement of processes with the concepts of digitalization and digital transformation, also gained experience in big data and data mining with its data density. Our corporate reports continue to be prepared in accordance with the CMB report standards, with the logic of producing information-based reports and the data source, detailed data and summary/cumulative reporting logic in the report content.

Smart Factory

     Baycan Elektrik develops its’ production and production support services by measuring equipment efficiency (OEE). As a result, the company creates large-scale sustainable data. We continue to develop and improve the health, safety and rapid access of this data, which forms the infrastructure of our management reports. Our factory has developed an infrastructure that provides detailed and anonymous information to every analysis with data mining from every aspect and determines the actions to be taken accordingly.

Skill Management

     All of our production processes at Baycan Elektrik are determined by needs analyses. The department targets followed in line with the strategic plans of the senior management team and the processes developed within the scope of R&D studies are embodied in various projects. The skill inventory needed in these projects is searched and determined within the company. In case the related skill is outsourced, our organisation works with a partner company.

     Our company, which leads the way in personal development and the development of system capabilities, shares these benefits with its’ customers in the form of productivity, cost reduction workshops, high quality and sustainability projects. The R&D studies we carry out at Baycan Elektrik enable the development of not only our company but also our customers.

      Our organisation, which continues to train proactive and ethical engineers with strong communication, self-confidence and technical knowledge, continues to develop its corporate vision and culture day by day.