Careers / Baycan Academy

     Baycan Elektrik is a company that attaches particular importance to the orientation process of its employees. There are two types of induction programs in our company; One of which is a program focused on integrating the new member into Baycan Elektrik’s culture, and the second is fully developed technical training programs compatible with the person’s task. At the same time, we provide mentoring in this process to ensure optimum performance without any stress on the individual.

     Our company fully supports the ongoing development of the workforce with training programs that take place regularly every year in order to further develop the skills of its personnel. We have increased the education levels of our 304 employees with Vocational Qualification Certificates. By aid of this project we increased the level of education of our employees who are either professionally incompetent or have a low level education by %74 last year. We aim to increase this percentage to 85% in the next 10 years.

     At the same time, within the framework of the protocol we signed with Eskişehir Technical University in 2023, approximately 400 of our personnel received personal development, corporate and technical training. Our primary goals are to provide our employees with career opportunities in line with their abilities, to provide the necessary support to overcome the problems they encounter in their working lives, and to carry out activities for the development of solidarity and cooperation among themselves.