Technology & Innovation / Industry 4.0

     WorksFx is a software program developed by the software team in our company which combines many ancillary applications. The program, which has been made to provide service to all departments on the ERP system base, creates data communication between all automation products. New modules are added to the solutions provided with PLC coding every day.

     WorksFx is developed to produce reports in accordance with the needs of the departments and corporate strategic planning, from production follow-up to MPS shutdown in the ERP system, to the analysis of speaking code systems to personnel training planning.

     We integrate all the devices in our production facility into the WorksFx software which works with MES technology. Our machines provide signals for work division and advanced maintenance and similar planning under artificial intelligence control.


     The WorksFx architecture, which brings together threads such as KrimpSoft, GKKSoft, E-Sender, each of which consist of software optimized for our own needs, is an MES derivative application developed by the Information Technologies department of our company.

     The program works with full integration into the Freedom-ERP system with user-controlled login and capacitive transaction logging. WorksFx, which also performs artificial intelligence checks on data integrity and data health in the ERP system, is updated almost every day. We are continuously moving in the direction of improvements with flexible transitions and revisions.

     WorksFx is a special technology for Baycan Elektrik A.Ş. that can talk to all PLC devices in our company, query data from the ERP system and present the most up-to-date data to the user, making the collected field data the most accurate and saving it to the ERP system database.

Artificial Intelligence

     WorksFx scans the Oracle database serving the Freedom-ERP system with data mining method and reports the data needed by our users.

     The technology of the system has been developed such that it can inform the pre-intuitively determined data in data entry and data reading operations as well as the fixed code scripts that continuously scan the data to be tracked by performing database analysis.

     Our system provides traceability through the use of serial numbers and ongoing data tracking.


     With the addition of new types of machines and devices to our company’s machine parkour, we prefer to have Industry 4.0 features. This feature provides artificial intelligence supported workloading, traceability and control of all inputs and completion of MPS (work order) activities in the ERP system through WorksFx.

     Currently, our machines that do not have Industry 4.0 feature are being updated to E-4.0 technology through automation. The improvements provided by such projects in a short term develop our areas of interest and strengthen our corporate knowledge.

     Our digital online systems help us monitor the current production status.