Solidarity Mobilization Must Continue Until Türkiye Rises

Turkey’s leading brands took action to meet the urgent needs of the citizens in the region from the first moment of the earthquake.


The devastation following the earthquakes, described as the disaster of the century, affected the whole world. Turkey’s leading companies mobilized for the in-kind and cash aid needed in the provinces affected by the earthquake.

Doğtaş Mobilya, Hand in Hand with AFAD and Red Crescent

Doğtaş Mobilya, under the umbrella of Doğanlar Holding, sent blankets, quilts, pillows and beds needed in the region in coordination with the Red Crescent and AFAD to support the regions affected by the earthquake disaster. It accelerates its production activities and produces beds for earthquake victims. The products are delivered to earthquake victims under the coordination of AFAD.

Same and Food Aid from Gastronomy Brand Mahizer

Groups of search and rescue teams were initially sent to the region by CVK, one of Turkey’s leading companies. Containers containing emergency supplies, especially food and hygiene supplies, heaters, blankets and clothing supplies, were sent to the earthquake-affected areas together with search and rescue teams. Mahizer, the traditional dessert brand and gastronomy investment of the CVK Family, provided both in-kind and food aid to disaster areas. CVK family and Mahizer brand announced that their aid to earthquake victims will continue uninterruptedly.

, Took Action for Needs

Baycan Elektrik, which provides services to important companies in the field of cable grouping in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), took immediate action with Eskişehir OIZ. He provided financial support to the aid campaign launched by Eskişehir OIZ Directorate. In addition, Baycan Electric employees also provided support consisting of basic necessities to be delivered to the earthquake zone.

Chic Nail, Dealed Directly with Request for Assistance

Chic Nail Beutuy and Cosmetic donated bulk shoes and boots in cooperation with Pelin’s Shoes brand. It also provided financial donations and assistance to requests on the need lists.

Health Services Union mobilized for the treatment process of our earthquake victims. While providing health services to earthquake victims in the region, he also provided information on correct medical interventions.

It’s Time to Give Back What You Took from Society

The solidarity displayed from the first moment was the light that we would overcome this great disaster. However, healing the wounds caused by the earthquake can be achieved after a long and devoted process. Now is the time for the entire business world to give back to society what it has received from society. The task before us is to continue the solidarity mobilization until we get Turkey back on its feet and meet all the needs of our nation.